Oriki Spa Review

Oriki Spa Review

December 2, 2017




Hello Everyone!


Hope you all are having a nice long relaxing weekend - I live for public holidays! Lagos can be stressful so any time to rest is always welcome. Anyways, let’s talk about the reason we are here; my visit to Oriki Spa in Lagos.  I like the vibe the name gives.


Mama needed some TLC for the body, so I decided to look for a good spa to get a massage. I already had one in mind but upon calling, they were fully booked so I had to find an alternative. I asked around and Oriki was recommended so I called them to make enquiries. A guy called Adeolu answered the call and he was very professional and courteous and I was quite impressed with just the phone call alone. This was such a welcome change as the one I called previously had a very underwhelming person answer the phone (topic for another day).  I’m very big on customer service and I feel like a lot of Nigerian businesses are lacking in this area.



I requested for a list of their services and price list and I got an email response almost immediately. The prices were not that terrible – about N14,000 for most of their massage services. Please find the full price list below.




I then booked an appointment for 1pm on a Saturday but later decided to re-schedule to 6pm - I wanted the massage to be the last thing in the day so I could just go home and relax. People, this place is fab! I loved the ambience and their staff were quite friendly and welcoming. Apologies though, as I didn’t take a lot of pictures; my mind was set on enjoying my massage and basically just relaxing and chilling.

I got a Swedish massage and the lady who attended to me explained what she was doing every step of the way. All in all, the service was great and it’s a place I would definitely visit again as I love great service at a reasonable price. I’ll probably try their facials next time.


My only complaint would be that their restroom should be a little neater but this is me just nitpicking.




P.S They are located at No 8 Oju Olubon Street, Victoria Island, Lagos,

Phone number: 08035033581



Has anyone been to the Oriki Spa? What are your thoughts? Should I try their Facials? Please sound off in the comments. XO




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