December 18, 2017

Hi people, hope we're all enjoying the holiday season. Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, I just thought to share some of my favorite phone apps that help to make my life easier and more fun and I’m certain that you would find a few very useful. OK, here it goes...



1. Pinterest


I mean, who doesn’t love Pinterest!? Pinterest is essentially a social networking app that allows users to upload, save, sort and manage images. Whenever I'm looking for ideas whether for fashion & beauty, marketing, interior decorating, blogging, Pinterest is a source and inspiration. I cannot even over-emphasize how powerful an ally Pinterest can be especially if you're a blogger or looking to market your brand. However, you don’t have to have a blog or own a company to unleash the power of Pinterest. By simply “pinning what you love” you become a “source” in your own field of expertise for the world to discover. About 83% of active Pinterest users say they purchased something because they saw it on Pinterest. This app is on top on my list. Click here to find out more on how Pinterest works.




2. Notes


The unassuming Notes app built into every iPhone seems pretty basic at first glance but turns out it’s packed with a ton of great features. It allows you to gather all your writings, videos, images, list, memos and more in one place and also sync the notes app across all your Apple devices.


I use this App daily, whether to jot sermon notes, ideas, my to-do list, shopping list or even to store hashtags for Instagram posts. It's pretty handy. IOS 11 users can even scan documents. I'm sure we all can think of a few times there was a need to scan a document urgently but no scanner around, so this is definitely a cool upgrade to the notes app.


3. Youversion


YouVersion makes it easy to engage with the Bible. It has various study plans and Bible translations to choose from that can be used for your quiet time. It also has audio features which allow you to listen to the scriptures as you go about your daily activities. I particularly love the new feature though that allows you to share your bible study plans with friends. This allows you and a select group of friends to engage with God's Word by reading through the plans together. Download the app and enjoy reading the bible when and where you need it.


4. Quik


This app is awesome! Quik edits mobile videos quickly, as the name implies. It's also very user friendly so if you are an amateur, Quik enables you to make professional videos with almost no effort. The app also automatically analyzes the images and videos you’ve uploaded to select the best moments, even though you can manually edit these. It has some great features not common to other video editing apps such as the ability to auto-sync music.





Calm is an app used for meditation, to relax, sleep, relieve anxiety and lower stress. It essentially plays soothing sounds or music and presents beautiful imagery. I just downloaded the app to see what the hullabaloo was all about as Apple recently named it "app of the year". I was quite impressed with the overall user experience of the app but it's really not something I can describe so try it out. It really does a good job of getting you relaxed and that's essentially what I use it for - to focus and relax.



6. Snapseed


I discovered Snapseed recently while searching for a photo editing app for this blog. It's an all-purpose photo editor for image corrections and enhancements and is one of the most popular photo editing apps on the iPhone. This is definitely for good reason as it’s incredibly easy to use but at the same time offers quite a powerful collection of tools. It is a great app for picture editing.





So there it is people, some of my favorite phone apps. Feel free to sound off in the comments below and also tell me some of your favorite phone apps.

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