Worship, It's a New Year!

Worship, It's a New Year!

January 16, 2018


Happy new year everyone!!! Long time no post - been AWOL for a few weeks, quite busy adjusting to my new environment and trying not to freeze. Winter in Toronto is no joke!!! Extremely cold weather of -20C and lower – brrrrrr!  I never thought the day would come when I’d see -10C and think “this is warm”! Winter in Canada is REAL!!!





Being a new year, and the beginning of new opportunities, take time to be grateful for the successes of last year. Even the seeming failures can have a way of teaching of us and being turned around for good when put in the proper perspective. So, before you stress yourself out with trying to keep up with your New Year resolutions and various life goals, start 2018 with vibrant worship.


When we worship we affirm the truth of God’s Word in our lives. There have been so many times I’ve felt like I’m a million miles away from God, but then I enter His presence and worship. In that instant I feel His indescribable peace, breakthrough power and unspeakable joy. Worship draws me deeper into the Presence of God and it’s really a great way to get refueled, refreshed and realigned with Him.




Here are just a few of my favorite worship songs that I hope will encourage you in this New Year. Listen, be blessed, and please share some of your favorite worship songs in the comments below. XO




                      No Longer Slaves- Elevation Worship

                          Do It Again- Elevation Worship

                   O Come To The Altar- Elevation Worship

                        What a Beautiful Name - Hillsong

                                    Ever Be- Bethel Music

                            Come As You Are - Crowder

                 Spirit Of the Living God- Vertical Worship

                                It Is Well- Bethel Music

                                 Cornerstone- Hillsong

                            Onise Iyanu- Nathaniel Bassey



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