January 27, 2018

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Hope you beautiful people had a great week. Even if not, it's time to celebrate because the weekend is here 😊. In the next few blog posts I'll be celebrating fashion entrepreneurs so be sure to catch them all and follow through to the last one.  


First up is Emma, the brain behind Liciousintimates - an intimate brand that deals with bras, panties, swimwear/beach cover up and sexy lingerie. She's gone from selling underwear to students in Yabatech & Unilag to selling underwear from the trunk of her car to her customers all around Lagos, both in their homes and offices. Emmalicious, as she is popularly called, has come a long way to become a #girlboss and the following is an excerpt from an interview I had with her




Q. What does entrepreneurship mean to you?


A. Entrepreneurship, to me, is when you turn your passion and love for something into making revenue, empowerment and opportunities for not just yourself but the society at large.


Q. What is your favourite quote


A. "Just do you because nobody can take you away from you but you"


Q. What aspect of your work brings you satisfaction/fulfillment


A. The aspect that brings me satisfaction and fulfillment is when clients call in to give me feedback. If the feedback is good I'm happy but if it's otherwise I'm even happier because it gives me room to do more because I seek their advice too.




Q. What do you wish you knew before you started your first business or  running your business?


A. Hmmm. Well I wish someone had told me it's not gonna be easy😢 because it definitely has not been easy.

Q. How do you use social media?


A. I use social media to my advantage because it's my Shop and 80% of my customers come from there. If there's one thing this world gave to me on a platter, its social media.


Q. What did you learn from your biggest failure?


A. I learnt to always pick up myself every and any time I fall because the world is just too busy to notice I've fallen until I rise up again....


Q. How would you describe your fashion style?


A. Comfortable yet daring




Q. Raising capital to start a business is a major hurdle that most entrepreneurs face. How did you manage to raise the necessary capital to start?


A. It really was not easy as I actually got people to order and pay in at least 50% deposit upfront before delivery and also thanks to this local savings called "AJO" that I was involved in, I was able to further develop the business.


Q. What famous person what you like to have dinner with? 


A. Victoria Beckham




Q. How can entrepreneurs be successful?


A. Always keep your  long term goal in focus and give your customers the good stuff to keep them coming.😊













Check out her business page on instagram Liciousintimates
Her Shop is located at 45 Moleye Street, Alagomeji Bus Stop, Lagos, Nigeria.






















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