7 Spring Style Trends

7 Spring Style Trends

March 2, 2018


Hello People!


It's springtime!!! Yaaaaaayyyy. I am very excited about spring! Winter can be so gloomy and cold - winter clothes and boots, we love you (or not) but we are so ready to move on to something less bulky!  Spring 2018 has a lot of cool trends and yes, florals are still in vogue. Here are a few items to brighten up your spring wardrobe:




Dress Sweater


Nothing says spring like a beautiful, colorful dress sweater. For those cold spring days, throw on a dress sweater. You can wear it alone or spice it with some hot leather pants, leggings or a pair of over-the-knee boots for a sexy vibe. If you are petite like me, ensure that the sweater is above your knees, so it doesn't look like the sweater is swallowing you up.


                                      KEIRA ROLL NECK JUMPER DRESS    


Floral Print Pumps


For spring 2018, floral shoes are your go-to for footwear. I have been eyeing these pumps from Aldo which also come with a matching bag. These pumps are just so gorgeous! Be bold and get your floral print pumps on!


                                                 ALDO STESSYF


Skater Skirt


This season it's all about having fun with your skirts. Nothing says spring like a swishing feminine midi skirt. No, you don't have to be tall to wear midi skirts - throw on some heels and you are set! Flirt with the skater skirt for your favorite every day and evening ensembles.


                                              SKATER MIDI SKIRT


Tassel Earrings


When it comes to completing your outfits, earrings are a true statement accessory. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors so try on this style statement to complete your gorgeous spring look.


                                          ASOS TASSEL EARRINGS


Cat-Eye Sunglasses


Cat-eye sunglasses are buzzing this season. The style was reinvented with sharper edges and I am loving it!  For a sophisticated, modern style be sure to pull back your hair and show off the angular shape of the sunglasses.


                           ASOS METAL EXTREME CAT-EYE SUNGLASSES




Jumpsuits are a perfect alternative to dresses or skirt. They are very versatile and can be dressed up by throwing on a blazer or dressed down by wearing it with a cute pair of slippers or sandals.


                                     ASOS WRAP FRONT JUMPSUIT


Shift Dresses


Every woman should have a shift dress in their wardrobe. The silhouette is flattering on everyone! Jazz up the look with a leather jacket and some cute sandals and you are set. For a more relaxed look you can wear it with a pair of sneakers - the possibilities are endless! Put on that shift dress and twirl, twirl, twirl!


                                          DROP HEM SHIFT DRESS


What are you wearing this spring? Please comment below.



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