April 6, 2019


Instagram has gone way beyond just scrolling through pictures on your feed. The first thing I open these days is Instagram story; I love the interactive nature and I can even get a behind-the-scenes look at what my favorite blogger or influencer is doing at different points in time.


Video marketing is so powerful - it’s captivating, fun, and a great way to increase engagement with your audience and drive traffic to your feed. Below, I highlight 4 features that will help enhance your Instagram stories and keep people engaged with your posts.



Polls and Question Stickers


Polls allows you to gather insights or data from your audience. I love doing polls on Instagram stories and this is probably the most engaging feature for Instagram stories.

There are two types of polls. The A/B poll basically asks a “yes/no” type of question and the audience gets to choose one option. The result is then given in percentage form as illustrated in the picture below.



The second type of poll is the slider poll where the user slides the bar sideways on a scale to show how much they love the picture displayed.


Question Stickers are very similar to polls, but they allow you to ask open questions to your audience and they can type back in response




Location Tags and hashtags


Did you know that you can use up to 10 hashtags in an Instagram story? Well, now you know! Location tags and hashtags are essential for optimizing reach. They give you the opportunity to be seen by a wider audience.


If you want to reach more people than may be following you, simply include location tags and hashtags in your story. You can also hide these tags with a GIF, so your picture or video looks cool and not overly crowded (kind of like killing two birds with one stone). GIFS can be great for expressing how you feel or describing a situation.



Instagram Live


Go live! Instagram live gives you the opportunity to chat with followers. You can also make an announcement on Instagram and your other social media channels before you go live to increase your potential viewers. For example, if you are a beauty blogger, you can schedule a weekly tutorial for your audience. This gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts and knowledge about your niche with you audience. Post the date and time of your live broadcast so your followers can tune in. I watch a lot of makeup tutorials on Instagram live and it’s definitely very rewarding because I can ask questions on the spot!


Story Apps


There are so many apps out there to help you enhance your Instagram stories and make them irresistible. My favorite for this, though, is theUnfold” app which is probably the most popular now. Unfold allows you to create beautiful and engaging stories for Instagram with minimal themed templates and creative layouts. The app allows you to style and edit multiple stories. You can download unfold here. Even the free version of the app still gives you plenty of gorgeous templates to use.




Other apps that can help you step up you story game are Hypetype, StoryArt and Impresso.



As an influencer or blogger, Instagram stories is the quick way to catch a brand’s attention. If there are brands you want to collaborate with, do reviews of their products on Instagram story and tag them and you may just get re-posted or even get an offer for a collaboration.


Stories is where it’s happening now and if you’re yet to get on the train, you better jump on it! Keep it interactive, fun and inspiring and grab the attention of your audience. XOXO


What features do you use to enhance you Instagram stories?


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