4 Great Features You Might Not Be Using on Instagram

4 Great Features You Might Not Be Using on Instagram

March 17, 2019

Instagram has so many great features and I know it can be overwhelming keeping up with all of them. Fear not! I am here to show you additional ways to optimally use the app.


I am going to share 4 features that you might not be using or even know exist in the Instagram app. These features will help you enhance your brand’s presence and use Instagram more efficiently.



Post time lapse videos


Video is a great way to engage with people these days. I have a very short attention span on social media, but videos keep me interested. Time lapse videos are basically videos that have been sped up so you can watch them in a shorter amount of time. You have 1 to 2 seconds to impress before they move on to another content.


Time lapses offer a way to hook viewers' attention more effectively while also squeezing more footage into the Instagram 15-second video length limit.


Instagram has a separate app called Hyperlapse, which easily lets users’ film and create high-quality time lapse videos. The only downside of this app for me is that it does not allow you to choose existing content from within your gallery


IOS users can download the app here. The app is not currently available on android but android users can check out these alternatives




Shoutout on Instagram stories


You can give a shoutout to another user on Instagram stories. You might be wondering why I would want to use this feature. Well, if you are an influencer or aspiring influencer who is constantly reviewing products you love, shoutout is a great feature to use.


To get the attention of brands for collaboration purposes and paid campaigns simply select the “@mention” sticker and tag the user or brand to get their attention. Same goes for getting the attention of other influencers, if you’re keen to collaborate with them. The mention sticker also highlights your interest in the account you’re tagging





Send Instagram stories to a specific group


There are certain times when you want to share your Insta-moments with just close friends or family.  Instagram added the close friends feature to Instagram a while back. It enables you to send your story to a specific group of people, giving you the power to share specific content with a specific audience member.


No need to worry about your parents, grandparents, aunties or uncles commenting on your outfit choice or asking you if that’s your new boyfriend/girlfriend. To use this feature simply select the “Close Friends” button after clicking “Share Story”. All you need do after that is choose who you want to include.


See the steps below on how to create a close friends list

  • Go to your profile page by tapping your picture on the bottom right hand corner

  • Swipe left to view your side menu

  • Tap “Close Friends”

  • Tap add and search for accounts to add to your close friends

  • Tap “Done”



Instagram time management feature


Instagram and most other social media platforms are highly addictive. I spend a lot of time on social media, like many other millennial. For sound mental health, however, I believe it’s great to take a break for at least a few hours in a day. Instagram introduced a new feature called “Time on Instagram” to help limit the average time per day spent on the app.


This feature can also be found from the slide menu on your profile page, under “Your activity”, and allows you to set up a time limit between 15 minutes and 8 hours. Two options are available to help you manage your time once your set time limit has been exceeded. 


The first is to receive a reminder from Instagram while the other is to choose which push notifications you receive for the remainder of the day, along with the choice to mute all notifications (illustration in the picture below).




Instagram has so many features and the key to maximizing the app is to use these features optimally.  Whether it’s to grow a business or personal brand, learning the ins and out of the app can really be beneficial.


I hope these features have been useful. Please share some features that you think are being underutilized on Instagram. XOXO



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