How To Make Your Instagram Feed pop

How To Make Your Instagram Feed Pop

March 7, 2019

It’s been a while I wrote a blog post and I honestly can’t give a reason for the hiatus - I guess life got busy and I lost motivation. Thankfully, I seem to have gotten things back in order and I'm here now :D


People keep asking me how I make my pictures and Instagram feed look good. I think it just takes some planning to ensure that my feed is popping! 


As your own brand, you want people to spend time on your feed, so it only makes sense to create a feed that looks professional. It's good to keep in mind that your feed is the face of your brand so also try to give it some personality. I see a lot of both business and personal accounts with blurry or rowdy pictures on their feeds and it hurts my eyes (no excuse guys, lets step it up!)


So, let’s get down to business; how do you achieve an awesome Instagram feed? 



1. Take good pictures


The first thing is to take a good picture. You don’t need an expensive DSLR camera, ring light or even an expensive phone to take great pictures. Any kind of phone can give you the results you desire with just a little editing. You also don’t need a personal photographer to take a picture as you can invest in a tripod, if you need to take a picture by yourself. It's also important to pay attention to lighting - the sun is always a great natural filter! The number one key is to take a nice picture then the rest is a breeze. Below is an example of a tripod that you can purchase on amazon to take amazing pictures.




2. Edit your pictures


Pictures can also be edited to get rid of any lingering lack of appeal. The aim is to always tell a story with pictures and editing can really help. My app of choice for editing is called "Snapseed". One of its great features is that you can create white space by simply brightening up some spots. This can be done by using a tool called “selective” in the Snapseed app. Brighten up spots in your picture that may be too dark or dirty looking (a wall, the sky, a building) and see it make a world of difference. 




3. Think of and apply a theme


By theme, I mean that you should pick a filter and stick to it. Several apps are available to help with themes - whether you want a vintage feel, a fresh feel or almost any other kind of feel to the picture. A lot of editing apps already have presets which can still be customized further, to your taste. A preset is basically a photo filter like the ones found on Instagram that have already been edited and have a certain look to them. For example, the Tezza app has a preset called “Fresh” which is what I currently use. Other examples of apps that can help you achieve a beautiful themes are Lightroom, VSCO , Whitagram, PicTapGo and many more.


     Before Editing 


 After Editing 



4. Preview before posting


Once you are done editing the photo, be sure to preview the picture before posting. Simply download the “Preview” app (  This apps allow you to drag and drop pictures, to see how they’d look on your feed before posting. If you like the finished look, then you just go ahead and post and if not, then just go back over the previous steps again till you're satisfied with the preview.Preview app also has hashtag planning tips which I love, you can also schedule post and the app sends a reminder once its time to post your photo.




So, to recap, 

  • Take a good picture 

  • Stick to a filter and theme

  • Edit the picture, and 

  • Preview your feed


All these steps might sound like a lot of work but "pain is gain baby"! Don’t worry, once you start it'll become just like second nature! Getting your pictures to have that wow factor is just a matter playing around with different filters and adjustments. I hope this has been helpful. XOXO.


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P.S. please leave a comment and let me know if this has been useful or how you edit your pictures. I love to learn from others.


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