#Momlife- 10 Baby Items that make life easier

#Momlife- 10 Baby Items That Make Life Easier

November 21, 2017

Life as a mom can get crazy, It is also a rewarding and exciting experience. As a new mom, there are a few products that have made life easier for me. Some I knew beforehand and others I bumped into or discovered along the way. Here are a few items that can make everyday life with a baby easier.


Baby Carrier/Sling


This is a must have, it will save your life! Lol

My daughter used to get a bit fussy when she was a few weeks old especially when she wants to sleep at night (sigh I don’t miss those first few weeks). I would usually have to rock her pacing around the room (not fun!). One day I decided to put her in the carrier so I could get other things done and voila! she fell asleep. For mothers whose babies are just a few weeks old this works like magic, it frees up your hands and allows you to get other things done. It is also useful when you go shopping especially if you don’t have someone helping you. Be sure to get an ergonomic carrier to avoid back aches.


  Infantino baby carrier


Pack 'n Play


I decided not to get a baby crib and went for the pack 'n play because of its multi functionality. The one I got has a napper, diaper changing station; which is removable and also has storage spaces where I can put diapers and other grooming stuff for the baby. You can save yourself some money because this is really all you need in my opinion. Your little one can also use this as a playground when he/she is older while you have some “me time".



Burp Cloth


Babies can spit up a lot ...like a lot. Being prepared with a variety of burping cloth will help prevent messes and also clean them up when they inevitably happen.




Desitin Diaper Rash Cream


I love this product, my baby had a little rash first few weeks so this cream was recommended. There has been no diaper rash ever since. Put it lightly on each day, I still use it to this day.



Ziploc Bags


I pack everything from food to toys and clothes in ziploc bags, and I like to have a few empty ones with me. It makes packing up the diaper bag and then finding anything in it a cinch and it also  keeps the bag tidy. It is a lifesaver when bottles or food containers break or leak, it can also be used for storing used clothes or dirty items.




Diaper Bag- Smart Organizer Backpack


I don’t like regular diaper bags, I wanted something stylish and functional and a bag that won’t put weight on my shoulders. So as a trendy Mommy, I opted for a backpack. There are so many compartments and I haven’t used them all yet, I have space to put almost everything I need. Got mine on Amazon so you can check it out, they have a variety of stylish backpacks to choose from.


 Sippy Cup


Giving my baby water used to be a chore and she hated drinking water but once I got a sippy cup this changed. She loves drinking from it and usually would grab it from me and hold it herself. She also uses it to soothe her teething. Make sure the brand you get is spill proof!




As your baby gets older they would always want to be entertained. A walker or jumperoo gives your little one plenty to do and also helps them stretch their legs. My baby is always thrilled in her walker she has a lot of fun in it. The best part is she wears herself out and will always sleep right after. You are welcome mamas!



Boppy Pillow


A boppy pillow is non-negotiable, one of the most useful baby items. It’s just so nice to have a comfy way to hold your baby while feeding them. Your babies can also be propped up on the pillow before they can sit up and while they’re learning to sit up.


Carter's Zip up Pyjamas


This is great for late night diaper changes. it's very convenient and takes off some of the stress changing your baby at night.


 I know I said 10 but l will add a bonus Item.......


BabyBump App


Yep! There's an app for that! This is not an item but this app has been very useful. I downloaded it while I was pregnant and got to share ideas and get advice from people from all over. I am in a May group(birth month of my baby) and its nice to have mothers who are going through baby milestones at the same time. it's a pretty cool app.


Please sound off  below with baby items you can’t do without maybe I can steal a few ideas :) xo



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