Speak To Me

Speak To Me

November 16, 2017

We can't hear from God if our minds are crowded with thoughts and concerns - especially worries, plans and activities. We need to shut out the world sometimes; sit quietly and have fellowship with God. This is not very easy to do especially If one lives in a busy city like Lagos - it can take very little to distract us. It is very easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and miss out on hearing the voice of God. Life sometimes can be too loud. 

I wrote the spoken word poem below to express how we long to hear from God but sometimes all we need to do is be still and the Father is there all along speaking to us.



When will my heart speak, the love of my life, the one I hold so dear.
I utter a loud cry and extol him in high praise but still his voice is not near .
My pounding heart, the screeching sounds disturb my mind and I cannot hear.
The longing and yearning of my heart is to be told what to do but a word, just a word seems so rare.
Oh! How I long to hear your profound thoughts, you innermost secrets and plans for me but different voices in my head distort my mind or is it that I am queer?
I shout and scream like a roaring lion hoping in my heart my voice will evoke a sound so dear.
The distractions of the world have drowned out your voice and pushed you far, oh so far and caused my heart to fear.

Oh at last oh sweet last he calls my name and says child I am here.
My spirit is within you child be still and come, draw near
Is my word not like fire and a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces? He says dear child do not fear
Look up to me, renew your mind and the pains you will not bear.
Let my peace rule your heart and I will walk with you and my still small voice will appear.

I cannot contain myself friends for I have heard the Lords voice; I scream and shout and jump for joy - 

the clutter, the confusion and the fog in mind slowly disappear. I sit back and smile as I know that nothing can take away my cheer, at long last the voice of my beloved has become oh so clear.


I find that worship songs help quiet my mind down and have fellowship with God. The song below is one of my favorite worship songs at the moment.


What is your favorite worship song? Please sound off in the comments below! XO

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